arXiv Spring2019

Joint seminar on Mathematical Physics
of HSE University and Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies
on Wednesdays at 17.30 at aud. 110 of the Faculty of Mathematics

May 22, 2019
Azat Gainutdinov
(Univ. Tours)
Modified trace, integrals and invariants

May 15, 2019
Topological vertex

(discussion moderators: M.Bershtein, A.Grekov, E.Zenkevich)

April 17, 2019
Vyacheslav Spiridonov
(JINR, HSE Univ.)
Rarefied hypergeometric functions and their applications

The standard elliptic hypergeometric integrals describe superconformal indices of four-dimensional supersymmetric field theories and partition functions of two-dimensional lattice integrable systems. Recently a generalization of these functions associated with the simplest lens space has been considered. In this talk we describe these “rarefied” elliptic hypergeometric functions, as well as the rarefied hyperbolic integrals related to partition functions of three-dimensional field theories

April 10, 2019
Vasily Golyshev
(Kharkevich Inst.)
Monodromy of quantum differential equations, III

April 3, 2019
Ivan Sechin
(Skoltech, ITEP)
Integrability of elliptic interacting tops

March 27, 2019
Ilya Vyugin
(Kharkevich Inst., HSE Univ.)
On the Riemann-Hilbert problem for linear difference systems

March 20, 2019
Takashi Takebe
(HSE Univ.)
Baxter’s Q-operators for higher spin eight vertex models

Q-operators for generalised eight-vertex models are constructed. I shall explain Baxter’s methods and generalisation of the eight-vertex model by the Sklyanin algebra

March 13, 2019
Xin Fang
(Univ. of Cologne)
Toric degenerations of flag varieties and applications

Toric degenerations translate geometric properties of varieties to combinatorial ones of polytopes or polyhedral cones. In this talk I will introduce a general framework to construct toric degenerations of flag varieties via birational sequences and Newton-Okounkov bodies. Most of the known toric degenerations turn out to be concrete examples of this construction. As an application, I will explain how to get the exact value of the Gromov width of a coadjoint orbit

March 6, 2019
Pavlo Gavrylenko
(Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
Simplest example of isomonodromic deformations on torus and toric conformal blocks, II

February 27, 2019
Pavlo Gavrylenko
(Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
Simplest example of isomonodromic deformations on torus and toric conformal blocks, I

February 20, 2019
Andrei Okounkov
(Skoltech, HSE Univ., Columbia Univ.)
Old and new about stable bases

February 13, 2019
Aleksei Ilin
(HSE Univ.)
Сommutative Bethe subalgebras in Yangians

February 6, 2019
Andrii Liashyk
(Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
On the scalar products of Bethe vectors

January 30, 2019
Valentin Ovsienko
(CNRS, Reims)
What is … q-rational number?

January 16, 2019 at 15.30
Tatiana Nagnibeda
(Univ. of Geneva, St Petersburg Univ.)
On spectra of Laplacians on groups and graphs associated with group actions

We will discuss spectra of Laplacians on graphs and subshifts that arise naturally in the study of some interesting finitely generated groups, such as groups of intermediate growth and other self-similar groups. Interesting connections emerge with the spectral theory of Laplacians on fractals on one hand, and of Schroedinger operators on quasi-crystals on the other hand

January 16, 2019 at 17.30
Rostislav Grigorchuk
(Texas A&M Univ.)
Can we hear the shape of the group? or Which algebraic and combinatorial properties of the group are determined by its spectral properties

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