PhD Program

Mathematics and Mechanics / 2024-2028

The program is realized in collaboration with the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”. Skoltech and the Faculty of Mathematics of the HSE University collaborate in the following areas:
= Development and implementation of joint educational programs, including applying electronic education and distance educational technologies, with a possibility of attracting leading specialists and organizations.
= Development and implementation of academic mobility programs with mutual recognition of learning outcomes based on the transfer of credits (ECTS credits).
= Organization and conducting joint conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and other events.
= Mutual usage of facilities and resources with a goal of implementation of joint educational programs, research projects

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Key information

Program starts
September 1, 2024

Modes and duration

Full time: 4 years

Tuition fees

No tuition fee for the applicants who pass the selection process

Language of instruction


English language requirements

If your education has not been conducted in the English language, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency

Application dates

Admission open: December 2023
Close: July 5, 2024

Admission to Mathematics and Mechanics Program / Track Mathematics will be held

on the first selection at May 15 – 17, 2024
= = Submission Deadline – April 15
= = Invitation – April 26

and on the second selection at July 22 – 23, 2024
= = Submission Deadline – July 5
= = Invitation – July 12

Program Committee

ChairAndrei Marshakov, Professor
Co-ChairRobert Nigmatulin, Professor

Mikhail Finkelberg, Professor
Alexander Gaifullin, Professor
Grigory Olshanski, Professor
Alexey Rosly, Professor
Anton Zabrodin, Professor

Dmitry Kolomenskiy, Assistant Professor
Alexander Safonov, Assistant Professor
Ivan Sergeichev, Assistant Professor


Mikhail Bershtein, Associate Professor
Mikhail Finkelberg, Professor
Alexander Gaifullin, Professor
Maxim Kazaryan, Professor
Sergei Lando, Professor
Alexey Litvinov, Associate Professor
Andrei Marshakov, Professor
Grigory Olshanski, Professor
Alexey Rosly, Professor
Semen Shlosman, Professor
Anton Zabrodin, Professor
Stanislav Smirnov, Professor

Robert Nigmatulin, Professor
Alexander Safonov, Assistant Professor
Ivan Sergeichev, Assistant Professor
Igor Shishkovsky, Associate Professor
Alexander Pasko, Dr.
Dmitry Dzhurinsky, Assistant Professor
Dmitry Kolomensky, Assistant Professor
Andrei Osiptsov, Professor
Pavel Osinenko, Assistant Professor

Minimum Degree Requirements

Each doctoral program comprises 240 credits::

  • 30 ECTS credits of coursework, including: /
    • 12 ECTS credits of coursework for advanced major-field courses /
      Advanced major-field courses represent the advanced subject matter in a particular academic field that PhD students or established faculty members would typically be expected to have mastered
    • 18 ECTS credits for general doctoral courses – to be taken by all Skoltech PhD students /
      General doctoral courses represent methodological subject matter, pedagogy, philosophical inquiry or general academic or professional learning about research or subject matter related to research, teaching or innovation that are applicable across most or all academic fields

      • Pedagogy of Higher Education
      • Research Methodology
      • Philosophy of Science, Technology and Innovation
      • Innovation Study course
      • Optional Courses from Course Catalog / minimum 0 ECTS credits, up to 60 ECTS credits

  • 210 ECTS credits of research, professional experience, thesis preparation, and thesis defense
    • 6 ECTS of Thesis Proposal Defense /
      A compulsory component of the program, whereby a student defends his or her thesis as a pre-condition for proceeding to the next stage – carrying out the research project formulated in the thesis proposal
    • 192 ECTS credits for thesis project research, writing and revision /
      A PhD student is expected to start his or her thesis research at Skoltech immediately after admission
    • 3 ECTS of Pedagogical Experience /
      This is a compulsory component of the program, which leads to the development of the student’s professional pedagogical skills
    • 3 ECTS credits of Qualifying Exam /
      The goal of the qualifying examination is to assess a student’s ability and inclination to conduct research according to top-tier institution standards; it also provides a learning experience in which students may both strengthen their field-specific knowledge and scientific methods for conducting scholarly research
    • 6 ECTS credits of Thesis Defense

    PhD students are expected to produce an original PhD thesis, publish the results of their independent research in peer-reviewed academic journals (2 papers in WoS indexed journals), and present them at reputable international conferences (2 presentations at reputable conferences).

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