October 10 – 28, 2018 / Mikhail Khovanov / Columbia University, Mathematics Department / [ Website ]
Professor of Mathematics / Knot Theory, Algebraic Topology

Mikhail Khovanov is a Russian-American professor of mathematics at Columbia University. He graduated from Moscow State School 57 mathematical class in 1988. He earned a PhD in mathematics from Yale University in 1997, where he studied under Igor Frenkel. His interests include knot theory and algebraic topology. He is known for the Khovanov homology for links, introduced in his paper “A categorification of the Jones polynomial”, which he published while at UC Davis. This was one of the first examples of categorification and is quoted in knot theory (WikipediA)

Series of lectures :
“Introduction to categorification”

October 4 – November 2, 2018 / Paul Wiegmann / University of Chicago, Department of Physics / [ Website ]
Professor / Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

Paul B. Wiegmann is a Russian physicist. He is the Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago, James Franck Institute and Enrico Fermi Institute. He specializes in theoretical condensed matter physics. He made pioneering contributions to the field of quantum integrable systems. He found exact solutions of O(3) Non-linear Sigma Model, (Wiegmann 1985), Wess–Zumino–Witten model (together with Alexander Polyakov), Anderson impurity model and Kondo model. (WikipediA)

Series of lectures :
“Geometric aspects of quantum Hall effect and quantum hydrodynamics”

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January 7-14, 2018 / Sergei Kuksin / Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris

Skills and expertise: mathematical analysis, nonlinear analysis, turbulence, differential equations, partial differential equations, measure theory, perturbation theory

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