arXiv Fall2021

Center for Advanced Studies Seminar on Mondays
at 17.00 via Zoom

September 20, 2021
Dmitry Belyaev
(Mathematical Inst., Univ. of Oxford)
Smooth Gaussian fields

Smooth Gaussian fields appear in many areas of science (oceanography, astrophysics, engineering, …) but they are also extremely interesting and rich mathematical objects. My initial interest was motivated by conjectures of Berry and Bogomolny-Schmit that connected Laplace eigenfunctions, random plane waves and critical percolation. My main interest is in the geometric properties of level lines of these fields and their connection to percolation theory.
In this talk, I will explain what kind of fields I am interested in, give an overview of some recent results, explain what kind of ideas and methods are currently used in this area and present some open problems and conjectures

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