arXiv Spring2020

Center for Advanced Studies Seminar on Mondays
at 17.00 via Zoom

September 14, 2020
Yakov Kononov
(Columbia Univ.)
Towards geometric construction of quantum difference equations

The monodromy of quantum difference equations is closely related to elliptic stable envelopes invented by M.Aganagic and A.Okounkov. In the talk I will explain how to extract these equations from the monodromy using the geometry of the variety X and of its symplectic dual Y. In particular, I will discuss how to extend the action of representation-theoretic objects on K(X), such as quantum groups, quantum Weyl groups, R-matrices, etc, to their action on K(Y). As an application, we will consider the example of the Hilbert scheme of points in the complex plane, where these results allow us to prove the conjectures of E.Gorsky and A.Negut about the infinitesimal change of the stable basis. Based on joint work with A.Smirnov

September 21, 2020
Ilya Vilkoviskiy
(Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
Universal description of q-\mathcal{W} algebras of B,C,D types via quantum toroidal algebras

The deformed W algebras of type A have a uniform description in terms of the quantum toroidal gl(1) algebra. In this talk I will introduce a comodule algebra K over toroidal gl(1) which gives a uniform construction of basic deformed W currents and screening operators in types B,C,D including twisted and super algebras. I will also explain that a completion of algebra K contains three commutative subalgebras, it allows us to obtain a commutative family of integrals of motion associated with affine Dynkin diagrams of all non-exceptional types except D^2_{l+1}.
Based on joint work with B. Feigin, M. Jimbo, E. Mukhin arXiv:2003.04234

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