Center Seminar on Mondays / Fall2020

Center for Advanced Studies
Seminar on Mondays at 17.00 via Zoom

September 14, 2020 / Yakov Kononov (Columbia Univ.)
= = Towards geometric construction of quantum difference equations
September 21, 2020 / Ilya Vilkoviskiy (Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
= = Universal description of q-\mathcal{W} algebras of B,C,D types via quantum toroidal algebras

September 28, 2020

Slava Rychkov
Introduction to the conformal bootstrap and non-gaussianity of the critical 3d Ising model

Some critical indices of the 3D Ising are close to zero (eta), while others differ substantially from the free theory predictions. The conformal bootstrap provides the means to compute the critical indices. Moreover, one can get the four-point function, and its behavior shows the non-Gaussian nature of the critical point

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