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Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies
Seminar on Mondays at 17.00 ( _more )
(Bolshoy Boulevard 30, space E-B1-2016) [ + zoom ]

December 5, 2022
Anton Zabrodin
(Skoltech, HSE Univ., Kurchatov Inst.)
Toda lattice with constraint of type B
[ based on joint works with Igor Krichever ]

Working Seminar on Mathematical Physics of
HSE University and Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies
on Wednesdays at 16.20 at aud. 109 of the Faculty of Mathematics HSE Univ. (_more) [ + zoom ]

December 7, 2022
Mikhail Alfimov
(HSE Univ., Lebedev Inst.)
On beta-gamma system in Minkowski signature

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