Skoltech mission is to educate students in integrated science, technology and innovation based Master’s and PhD programs, empowering a new “Skolkovo generation” with the skills, knowledge and competence to enable them to bridge the gap between fundamental science and innovation, to become transformative members of society, and to make economic and social impact in the Russian Federation and around the world.

Skoltech serves as a new model in the Russian higher education sector, building solidly upon and unifying “scientific knowledge” with “useful knowledge“. This approach will prepare graduates to innovate by bringing together the scientific and technical fundamentals necessary for innovation.

The university is an international community for students and faculty where all education is in English. Students can also increase their international experience through Skoltech’s network of partner universities around the world. Easing student mobility, the education is aligned with the European Higher Education Area created by the Bologna process. The aim is that Skoltech graduates will excel in the international and intercultural working environments of the global market.

Each of Skoltech’s two-year Master’s programs comprise 120 ECTS credits. Year 1 focuses on strengthening theoretical background, and Year 2 is mostly devoted to research.

All curriculum elements (courses, projects) are classified into categories – streams, each with responsibility for developing certain graduate qualities. To ensure that students benefit from the unique features of a Skoltech education, the number of credits per stream (degree requirements) is set and applies to all students who want to graduate with a Master’s degree from Skoltech.

Each of Skoltech’s four-year doctoral program comprises 240 credits.
Skoltech gives its PhD students the opportunity to earn a PhD degree by completing a Skoltech doctoral program and defending a PhD Thesis, summarizing the research work performed during their doctoral studies.
The Skoltech PhD degree is conferred based on the PhD Defense Jury’s decision, and following the candidate’s PhD Thesis Defense.
The degrees are awarded in the fields of knowledge determined by Skoltech and are directly linked to the relevant doctoral programs

The MSс program “Mathematical and Theoretical Physics” and PhD program “Mathematics and Mechanics” are realized in a network form with the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.
Skoltech and the Faculty of Mathematics of the HSE University collaborate on implementing advanced models of training qualified specialists and assuring high quality of higher education in Russia based on developing and conducting academic mobility programs, joint MSc and PhD education programs, conducting interim attestation of graduate students and organization of PhD and Doctorate Thesis defenses, implementing research projects in cutting-edge areas of science and technology.

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