Publications 2023-24

People whose last names are highlighted in bold are Skoltech faculty, researchers, PhD students, or MSc students (in alphabetical order)

2024 / peer-reviewed publications

  1. A. Basalaev, A. Ionov, "Hodge diamonds of the Landau–Ginzburg orbifolds", Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2307.01295]
  2. A. Gaifullin, "634 vertex-transitive and more than 10103 non-vertex-transitive 27-vertex triangulations of manifolds like the octonionic projective plane", Izvestiya Mathematics 2024, 88(3), pp. 419–467, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2207.08507]
  3. A. Gaifullin, "New examples and partial classification of 15-vertex triangulations of the quaternionic projective plane" Topology, Geometry, Combinatorics, and Mathematical Physics, Collected papers. Dedicated to Victor Matveevich Buchstaber on the occasion of his 80th birthday, Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova, 326, Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow, 2024, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2311.11309]
  4. A. Gaifullin, “Commutativity of involutive two-valued groups”, Uspekhi Matematicheskikh Nauk, 2024, V. 79, 2(476), pp. 185–186, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2401.15191]
  5. A. Gaifullin, "On possible symmetry groups of 27-vertex triangulations of manifolds like the octonionic projective plane", Matematicheskii Sbornik, 2024, V.215(7), pp 3–51, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2310.16679]
  6. D. Kolyaskin, A. Litvinov, "Bethe ansatz equations for quantum N=2 KdV systems" Nuclear Physics B, 2024, 1001, 116506, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2312.09105]
  7. M. Alfimov, I. Kalinichenko, A. Litvinov, "On β-function of N=2 supersymmetric integrable sigma-models", J. High Energ. Phys. 2024, 297 (2024). [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2311.14187]
  8. G. Olshanski, "The centralizer construction and Yangian-type algebras", Journal of Geometry and Physics, 2024, 196, 105063, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2208.04809]
  9. G. Olshanski, N. Safonkin, "Double Poisson brackets and involutive representation spaces", Letters in Mathematical Physics, 2024, 114:1, article 33, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2310.01086]
  10. A. van Enter, S. Shlosman, “The Schonmann projection as a g-measure-, how Gibbsian is it?”, Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Probab. Statist. 60(1): 2-10 (February 2024) doi: 10.1214/22-AIHP1266 [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2102.10622]
  11. A. Zabrodin, "Tau-function of the multi-component CKP hierarchy", Math Phys Anal Geom 27, 1 (2024). [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.01161]

2024 / preprints

  1. A. Artemev, I. Chaban, “(2,2p+1) minimal string and intersection theory I” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2403.02305]
  2. I. Trofimov, D. Voronkova, E. Tulchinskii, E. Burnaev, S. Barannikov, “Scalar Function Topology Divergence: Comparing Topology of 3D Objects” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2407.08364]
  3. T. Gaintseva, L. Kushnareva, G. Magai, I. Piontkovskaya, S. Nikolenko, M. Benning, S. Barannikov, G. Slabaugh, “Improving Interpretability and Robustness for the Detection of AI-Generated Images” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2406.15035]
  4. A. Basalaev, “Mirror partner for a Klein quartic polynomial” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2406.12490]
  5. V. Bolbachan, “On the Goncharov’s conjecture in degree m−1 and weight m” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2404.06271]
  6. X. Blot, A. Buryak, “Quantum intersection numbers and the Gromov-Witten invariants of CP1″ [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2402.16464]
  7. A. Alexandrov, B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, “Any topological recursion on a rational spectral curve is KP integrable” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2406.07391]
  8. A. Alexandrov, B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, “Symplectic duality via log topological recursion” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2405.10720]
  9. M. Finkelberg, R. Travkin, R. Yang, “Gaiotto Conjecture for Repq(F(4))” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2406.05521]
  10. A. Ilin, J. Kamnitzer, L. Rybnikov, “Gaudin models and moduli space of flower curves” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2407.06424]
  11. T. Kenzhaev, “Eighth problem of the Arnold trivium” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2403.08803]
  12. C. Brav, G. Konovalov, “Beilinson-Parshin adeles via solid algebraic geometry” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2403.08472]
  13. A. Radovskaya, A. Semenov, “Local quench within the Keldysh technique” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2403.18137]
  14. A. Rarovskii, “Non-invertible quasihomogeneus singularities and their Landau-Ginzburg orbifolds” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2405.17091]
  15. A. Savchenko, A. Zabrodin, “Multicomponent DKP hierarchy and its dispersionless limit” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2407.12424]
  16. R.Kenyon, M. Kontsevich, O. Ogievetsky, C. Pohoata, W. Sawin, S. Shlosman, “The miracle of integer eigenvalues” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2401.05291]
  17. P.-H. Leemann, T. Nagnibeda, A. Skripchenko, G. Veprev, “Limits of Rauzy graphs of languages with subexponential complexity” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2402.15877]
  18. A. Zabrodin, “Dispersionless limit of the B-Toda hierarchy” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2401.05919]
  19. A. Zabrodin, “Dispersionless version of the multicomponent KP hierarchy revisited” [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2404.10406]

2023 / peer-reviewed publications / 398-353

  1. A. Artemev, V. Belavin, "Torus one-point correlation numbers in minimal Liouville gravity", J. High Energ. Phys. 2023, 116 (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2210.14568]
  2. A. Artemev, "p → ∞ limit of tachyon correlators in (2,2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity from classical Liouville theory", J. High Energ. Phys. 2023, 155 (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2305.08118 ]
  3. E. Tulchinskii, K. Kuznetsov, L. Kushnareva, D. Cherniavskii, S. Barannikov, I. Piontkovskaya, S. Nikolenko, E. Burnaev, “Topological Data Analysis for Speech Processing”, Proc. INTERSPEECH 2023, 311-315, [PDF: English, arXiv: 2211.17223 ]
  4. S.A. Barannikov, A.A. Korotin, D.A. Oganesyan, D.I. Emtsev, E.V. Burnaev, “Barcodes as summary of loss function topology”, Dokl. RAN. Math. Inf. Proc. Upr., 514:2 (2023), 196–211,
  5. D.S. Voronkova, S.A. Barannikov, E.V. Burnaev, “1-Dimensional topological invariants to estimate loss surface non-convexity”, Dokl. RAN. Math. Inf. Proc. Upr., 514:2 (2023), 187–195,
  6. A. Basalaev, A. Takahashi, E. Werner, “Orbifold Jacobian algebras for invertible polynomials”, J of Singularities, 2023, v.26. pp.92-127, doi:10.5427/jsing.2023.26f [ PDF: English, arXiv: 1702.02739]
  7. A. Alexandrov, A. Basalaev, A. Buryak, "A construction of open descendant potentials in all genera", International Mathematics Research Notices, 023, v.2023, No.17, pp. 14840-14889, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2202.07312]
  8. M. Bershtein, A. Grigorev, A. Shchechkin, "Hamiltonian reductions in Matrix Painlevé systems" Lett Math Phys 113, 47 (2023). [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2208.04824]
  9. V. Bolbachan, "Chow dilogarithm and strong Suslin reciprocity law", J. Algebraic Geom. 32 (2023), 697-728, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2108.11862]
  10. A. Buryak, " A formula for the Gromov-Witten potential of an elliptic curve ", Moscow Math J., 2023. V.23. No.3. pp.309-317, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2205.12777]
  11. A. Buryak, E. Clader, R.J. Tessler, "Open r-spin theory III: a prediction for higher genus", Journal of Geometry and Physics, v.192, 2023, 104960, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2211.16302]
  12. A. Buryak, D. Gubarevich, "Integrable systems of finite type from F-cohomological field theories without unit", Math Phys Anal Geom 26, 23 (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.13356]
  13. A. Buryak, P. Rossi, “A generalization of Witten’s conjecture for the Pixton class and the noncommutative KdV hierarchy”, Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu, 2023, 22(6), 2987–3009. doi:10.1017/S1474748022000354 [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2103.04630]
  14. A. Arsie, A. Buryak, P. Lorenzoni, P. Rossi, “Semisimple flat F-manifolds in higher genus”, Commun. Math. Phys. 397, 141–197 (2023).
  15. P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, A. Popolitov, S. Shadrin, A. Sleptsov, “Topological Recursion for the extended Ooguri-Vafa partition function of colored HOMFLY-PT polynomials of torus knots”, Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 26 (2023), no.4, 793-833, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2010.11021 ]
  16. B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, "Generalised ordinary vs fully simple duality for n-point functions and a proof of the Borot–Garcia-Failde conjecture", Commun. Math. Phys. (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2106.08368]
  17. P. Dunin-Barkowski, A. Popolitov, S. Popolitova, "Evolution for Khovanov polynomials for figure-eight-like family of knots", International Journal of Modern Physics AVol. 37, No. 36, 2250216 (2022) [ PDF: English, arXiv: 1812.00858]
  18. A. Dymov,, S. Kuksin, A. Maiocchi, S. Vladuts, "The Large-Period Limit for Equations of Discrete Turbulence", Ann. Henri Poincaré 24, 3685–3739 (2023),
  19. A. Dymov,, S. Kuksin,, "Formal Expansions in Stochastic Model for Wave Turbulence 2: Method of Diagram Decomposition", J Stat Phys 190, 3 (2023),
  20. S. Vladuts, A. Dymov, S. Kuksin, A. Maiocchi, "A refinement of Heath-Brown’s theorem on quadratic forms", bornik: Mathematics, 2023, Vol. 214, Issue 5, 627–675, (Mi sm9711)
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    DOI: [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2011.11220 ]
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  26. D. Skliannyi, S. Ogarkov, N. Ignatyuk, "Nonlocal Scalar QFT with Fractional Power Self-Interaction", Symmetry 2023, 15(10), 1823; [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.16011]
  27. I. Krichever, A. Zabrodin, "Monodromy free linear equations and many-body systems", Lett Math Phys 113, 75 (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2211.17216]
  28. I. Krichever, A. Zabrodin, "Toda lattice with constraint of type B", Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, v.453, 2023, 133827, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2210.12534]
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  32. G. Olshanski, N. Safonkin, "Remarks on Yangian-type algebras and double Poisson brackets"
    (“Замечания о янгианоподобных алгебрах и двойных скобках Пуассона”) Functional Analysis and its Applications, 2023, v. 57(4), pp. 75–88, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.13325]
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2023 / preprints / 352-327

  1. L. Kushnareva, T. Gaintseva, G. Magai, S. Barannikov, D. Abulkhanov, K. Kuznetsov, I. Piontkovskaya, S. Nikolenko, "Artificial Text Boundary Detection with Topological Data Analysis and Sliding Window Techniques" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2311.08349 ]
  2. N. Balabin, D. Voronkova, I. Trofimov, E. Burnaev, S. Barannikov, "Disentanglement Learning via Topology" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.12696 ]
  3. E. Tulchinskii, K. Kuznetsov, L. Kushnareva, D. Cherniavskii, S. Barannikov, I. Piontkovskaya, S. Nikolenko, E. Burnaev, "Intrinsic Dimension Estimation for Robust Detection of AI-Generated Texts
    " [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.04723 ]
  4. I. Trofimov, D. Cherniavskii, E. Tulchinskii, N. Balabin, E. Burnaev, S. Barannikov, "Learning Topology-Preserving Data Representationsy" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2302.00136 ]
  5. V. Bolbachan, "On some analog of Bloch’s higher Chow group and Goncharov’s conjecture in next to Milnor degree", [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2311.07567]
  6. A. Buryak, M. Troshkin, "An application of the nonlinear reciprocal transformations in the theory of DR hierarchies", [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2310.10150]
  7. A. Buryak, P. Rossi, "Intersection numbers with Pixton’s class and the noncommutative KdV hierarchy", [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.13258]
  8. A. Buryak, P. Rossi, "Counting meromorphic differentials on CP1" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2304.09557]
  9. A. Alexandrov, B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, "Log topological recursion through the prism of x−y swap" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2312.16950]
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  16. T. Kenzhaev, "Semi-infinite construction of one-dimensional lattice vertex superalgebras" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.11603]
  17. T. Kenzhaev, "Durfee rectangle identities as character identities for infinite Fibonacci configurations" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.08410]
  18. T. Kenzhaev, "An alternative proof of slˆ′2 standard module semi-infinite structure" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.07947]
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