Publications 2022-23

People whose last names are highlighted in bold are Skoltech faculty, researchers, PhD students, or MSc students (in alphabetical order)

2023 / peer-reviewed publications

  1. A. Artemev, V. Belavin, "Torus one-point correlation numbers in minimal Liouville gravity" J. High Energ. Phys. 2023, 116 (2023). [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2210.14568]
  2. M. Bershtein, A. Grigorev, A. Shchechkin, "Hamiltonian reductions in Matrix Painlevé systems" Lett Math Phys 113, 47 (2023). [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2208.04824]
  3. A. Arsie, A. Buryak, P. Lorenzoni, P. Rossi, “Semisimple flat F-manifolds in higher genus”, Commun. Math. Phys. 397, 141–197 (2023).
  4. B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, "Generalised ordinary vs fully simple duality for n-point functions and a proof of the Borot–Garcia-Failde conjecture", Commun. Math. Phys. (2023), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2106.08368]
  5. M. Finkelberg, M. Matviichuk, A. Polishchuk, “Elliptic zastava”, J. Algebraic Geom. 32 (2023), 183-237
    DOI: [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2011.11220 ]
  6. C. Cuenca, G. Olshanski, "Mackey-type identity for invariant functions on Lie algebras of finite unitary groups and an application ", Journal of Lie Theory 33 (2023), 149-168 [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2206.07320]
  7. P. Ferrari, S. Shlosman, "The Airy2 process and the Ising model" Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2023, 56(1), 014003, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2209.14047]

2023 / preprints

  1. A. Artemev, "p→∞ limit of tachyon correlators in (2,2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity from classical Liouville theory" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2305.08118 ]
  2. I. Trofimov, D. Cherniavskii, E. Tulchinskii, N. Balabin, E. Burnaev, S. Barannikov, "Learning Topology-Preserving Data Representationsy" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2302.00136 ]
  3. A. Basalaev, A. Ionov, "Hodge diamonds of the Landau–Ginzburg orbifolds", [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2307.01295]
  4. A. Buryak, P. Rossi, "Counting meromorphic differentials on CP1" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2304.09557]
  5. A. Buryak, D. Gubarevich, "Integrable systems of finite type from F-cohomological field theories without unit" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.13356]
  6. A. Alexandrov, B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, "Topological recursion, symplectic duality, and generalized fully simple maps" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2304.11687]
  7. R. Bezrukavnikov, A. Braverman, M. Finkelberg, D. Kazhdan, "Schwartz spaces, local L-factors and perverse sheaves" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.00913]
  8. D. Skliannyi, S. Ogarkov, N. Ignatyuk, "Nonlocal Scalar QFT with Fractional Power Self-Interaction" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.16011]
  9. M. Kazaryan, S. Lando, "Weight systems and invariants of graphs and embedded graphs" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2302.12153]
  10. T. Kenzhaev, "Semi-infinite construction of one-dimensional lattice vertex superalgebras" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.11603]
  11. T. Kenzhaev, "Durfee rectangle identities as character identities for infinite Fibonacci configurations" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.08410]</li
  12. T. Kenzhaev, "An alternative proof of slˆ′2 standard module semi-infinite structure" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.07947]
  13. P. Gavrylenko, E. Ievlev, A. Marshakov, I. Monastyrskii, A. Yung, "2d Sigma Models on Non-compact Calabi-Yau and N=2 Liouville Theory" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2307.02929]
  14. G. Olshanski, "Characters of classical groups, Schur-type functions, and discrete splines" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2307.05160]
  15. G. Olshanski, N. Safonkin, "Remarks on Yangian-type algebras and double Poisson brackets" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.13325]
  16. V. Prokofev, A. Zabrodin, "Elliptic Cauchy matrices" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2305.02837]
  17. V. Prokofev, A. Zabrodin, "Tau-function of the B-Toda hierarchym" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.17467]
  18. V. Prokofev, A. Zabrodin, "Elliptic solutions of the Toda lattice with constraint of type B and deformed Ruijsenaars-Schneider system" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2302.120850]
  19. V. Rozhdestvenskii, "A lower bound in the problem of realization of cycles" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2303.10240]
  20. M. Khristoforov, M. Skopenkov, S. Smirnov, "A generalization of Cardy’s and Schramm’s formulae" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2305.12368]
  21. R. Travkin, R. Yang, "Twisted Gaiotto equivalence for GL(M|N)" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2306.09556]
  22. A. Zabrodin, "Quasi-periodic solutions to hierarchies of nonlinear integrable equations and bilinear relations" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2304.05108]
  23. A. Zabrodin, "Time discretization of the deformed Ruijsenaars-Schneider system" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2301.05020]
  24. I. Krichever, A. Zabrodin, "Quasi-periodic solutions of the universal hierarchy " [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.12187]
  25. A. Zabrodin, "Tau-function of the multi-component CKP hierarchy" [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2308.01161]

2022 / peer-reviewed publications / 341-281

  1. A. Artemev, "Note on large-p limit of (2,2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity and moduli space volumes" Nuclear Phys. B, v.981, 2022, 115876[ PDF: English, arXiv: 2203.06629]
  2. A. Artemev, A. Belavin, "Five-point correlation numbers in minimal Liouville gravity and matrix models" Nucl.Physics B, V.985, 2022, 116019, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2207.01665]
  3. A. Artemev, A. Belavin, "Five-point correlation numbers in minimal Liouville gravity, Jetp Lett. 116, 600–607 (2022).
  4. A. Basalaev, "I6-dimensional FJRW theories of the simple–elliptic singularities", Asian Journal of Mathematic, v.26 (2022) 45-80, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 1610.07428]
  5. A. Basalaev, "Integrable systems associated to open extensions of type A and D Dubrovin-Frobenius manifolds" Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2022, 55(29), 295202
  6. A. Basalaev, A. Ionov, "Hochschild cohomology of Fermat type polynomials with non–abelian symmetries" Journal of Geometry and Physics, 2022, 174, 104450
  7. A. Alexandrov, A. Basalaev, A. Buryak, "A construction of open descendant potentials in all genera", International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022;, rnac240, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2202.07312]
  8. A. Basalaev, A. Takahashi, “Mirror Symmetry for a Cusp Polynomial Landau–Ginzburg Orbifold”, International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2022, Issue 19, October 2022, 14865–14922,
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  13. A. Braverman, M. Finkelberg, H. Nakajima, “Kazhdan-Lusztig conjecture via Zastava spaces”, Journal fur die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik 2022, v.787, 45-78 DOI 10.1515/crelle-2022-0013 [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2007.09799 ]
  14. A. Arsie, A. Buryak, P. Lorenzoni, P. Rossi, “Riemannian F-Manifolds, Bi-Flat F-Manifolds, and Flat Pencils of Metrics”, International Mathematics Research Notices, V. 2022, Issue 21, (2022), 16730–16778,
  15. A. Buryak, P. Rossi, “A generalization of Witten’s conjecture for the Pixton class and the noncommutative KdV hierarchy” ournal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu, (2022) 1-23. doi:10.1017/S1474748022000354 [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2103.04630]
  16. A. Buryak, F. Hernandez Iglesias, S. Shadrin, “A conjectural formula for $DR_g(a,-a)\lambda_g$”, Epijournal de Geometrie Algebrique 6 (2022), [ PDF: English, arXiv: 22109.15245]
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  19. A. Arsie, A. Buryak, P. Lorenzoni, P. Rossi, “Riemannian F-manifolds, bi-flat F-manifolds, and flat pencils of metrics”, Intern. Mathematics Research Notices, 2022(21) Nov.2022, 16730–16778, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2104.09380]
  20. B. Bychkov, P. Dunin-Barkowski, M. Kazarian, S. Shadrin, “Explicit closed algebraic formulas for Orlov-Scherbin n-point functions” Journal de l’École polytechnique — Mathématiques, Tome 9 (2022), pp. 1121-1158, [ PDF: English, arXiv: 2008.13123 ]
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2022 / preprints / 280-251

  1. E. Tulchinskii, K. Kuznetsov, L. Kushnareva, D. Cherniavskii, S. Barannikov, I. Piontkovskaya, S. Nikolenko, E. Burnaev, “Topological Data Analysis for Speech Processing”, [PDF: English, arXiv: 2211.17223 ]
  2. D. Cherniavskii, E. Tulchinskii, V. Mikhailov, I. Proskurina, L. Kushnareva, E. Artemova, S. Barannikov, I. Piontkovskaya, D. Piontkovski, E. Burnaev, “Acceptability Judgements via Examining the Topology of Attention Maps”, [PDF: English, arXiv: 2205.09630 ]
  3. S. Barannikov, I. Trofimov, N. Balabin, E. Burnaev, “Representation Topology Divergence: A Method for Comparing Neural Network Representations”, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2022). Vol 162, 1607-1626. [PDF: English, arXiv: 2201.00058 ]
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