Sixth Winter School-Conference
“String Theory, Integrable Models and Representation Theory”
January 11-16, 2021 / Zoom


  • Skoltech, Center for Advanced Studies
  • HSE – Skoltech International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics

Organizing and Program Committee

  • Mikhail Bershtein (Landau Inst., Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
  • Pavlo Gavrylenko (Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
  • Alexei Litvinov (Landau Inst., Skoltech)
  • Andrei Marshakov (Skoltech, HSE Univ., ITEP, Lebedev Inst.)
  • Mykola Semenyakin (Skoltech, HSE Univ.)
  • Ivan Sechin (Skoltech, Steklov Inst., ITEP)
  • Boris Feigin (HSE Univ., Landau Inst.)


  • Dmitry Abanin (Univ. of Geneva)
    = = Quantum Entanglement in Many-body Systems
  • Andrey Smirnov (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    = = Quiver Varieties in Mathematical Physics
  • Alexei Rosly (Skoltech, HSE Univ., IITP)
    = = Hitchin Systems


Please find more details in Russian in this link