General Information

Since the 6th Workshop in 2018, we witnessed a rapid development in the field of combinatorial methods in application to geometry and mathematical physics. We are observing inter-proliferation of two main subjects traditionally presented in the workshop agenda—cluster algebras and topological recursion. It is tempting to see how these two topics can be unified within the mirror symmetry framework, how spectral curves obtained from Landau-Ginzburg potentials motivated by cluster algebras can arise within the classical and quantum topological recursion, and how it all can be interpreted in cohomological field theory framework and be applied to knot theory and knot invariants. Notable is also a modern development of cluster structures in Lie algebras, including classical and quantum algebras of monodromies of Fuchsian systems, and other fascinating topics related to clusters and topological recursion including a modern treatise of Masur-Veech volumes.

In order to accommodate in a best possible way our worldwide spread community, including our friends from Australia and East Asia, we schedule only three lectures every day from Monday, May 31, till Friday, June 4, from 8am to 11am (East Coast time; 2pm to 5pm in continental Europe or 3pm to 6pm Moscow). We apologize to our friends on West Coast and Alberta for possibly early hours. Lectures will be recorded and available online. Thursday is reserved for (shorter, 30-minute long) presentations of younger researchers. The last lecture on Tuesday will be the last talk by Bertrand Eynard on the online Topological Recursion seminar.

The main theme of workshop this year will be interrelations between topological and geometrical recursion and cluster algebras. The main topic will be structures appearing in generalizations of topological recursion and cluster algebras to non-orientable surfaces and supersymmetry.

The workshop official website is

Also, if you’ve got this mail, there is NO NEED to make registration; all registered participants of MoSCATR VII in 2020 are automatically re-registered to its online version (which means that we’ll supply you with all relevant information, including zoom codes for lectures). Of course, you may opt for excluding yourself from this distribution list; for this, just reply to this email.

We’ll also include all register participants of the online Topological Recursion seminar into the list of distribution for the workshop; if you know people who are interested in workshop but are not participants of either TR seminar or a conference 2020, feel free to recommend them to make a registration on the site (some questions there may look weird but it is just a standard questionary at HSE, which we cannot change by formal reasons; if someone doesn’t want to correspond, say, the date of birth, just submit smth like 01.01.2000).

Format of the event: offline / online

The offline meetings of the Conference will take place in Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, 8 Gubkina St. Moscow
On Monday, May 31, at the Conference room 9th floor, other days at room 104

The zoom link for the conference is
Zoom link: 937 6207 1273 Password: 363854

This link will be open every day from Monday, May 31, to Friday, June 4, starting at 7:30am(New York) [12:30pm London, 2:30pm Moscow] till the end of activities for the day (usually around 11:30am New York)


  • Higher School of Economics
  • Steklov Mathematical Institute
  • Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Organizing Committee:

  • Leonid Chekhov (Steklov, Poncelet, and Michigan State Univ.)
  • Dmitry Korotkin (Concordia Univ. and Centre de Recherches Mathématiques)
  • Igor Krichever (Skoltech, HSE, and Columbia Univ.)
  • Sergei Lando (HSE, and Skoltech)
  • Sergei Nechaev (Poncelet)
  • Armen Sergeev (Steklov)
  • Peter Zograf (PDMI and St.Petersburg Univ.)

Program Committee:

  • Leonid Chekhov (Steklov, Poncelet, and Michigan State Univ.)
  • Sergei Fomin (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Sergei Lando (HSE and Skoltech)
  • Andrei Marshakov (Skoltech, HSE, ITEP, and Lebedev)
  • Marta Mazzocco (Univ. Birmingham)
  • Dmitrii Orlov (Steklov)

Contact email of the Organizing Committee
(Leonid Chekhov)
(Sergei Lando)

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