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How to get to Skoltech / Blue Bld.:


By Car

  1. Skolkovskoye shosse to “Skolkovskaya” Parking 7-8 minutes from Moscow Ring Road / 730 guest parking places
  2. Minskoye shosse to Parking “Minskaya” 7-8 minutes from Moscow Ring Road / 500 guest parking places, on written request

Get visual reference with this map.

By Public Transport

There are buses to Skolkovo from the Trekhgorka railway station,
and from the following metro stations: Slavyanskiy Bulvar, Kuntsevskaya and Troparevo
You can find the bus numbers and timetables in this link.

Once you arrived at Skolkovo, you can use the free inner minibus service


Moscow Airports

There are three major airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo.
All international airlines and Aeroflot come to Sheremetyevo 2 or 3 (new terminal) international airport or to Domodedovo international airport.
Vnukovo serves primarely domestic flights and some flights from Germany.

All airports are easily accessible at any day and night time.
All airports are connected with Moscow downtown by modern speedways.
Due to Moscow traffic-jams it is better to use public transportation to get to the city-center

from Sheremetyevo International Airport
from Domodedovo International Airport
from Vnukovo International Airport

Sheremetyevo international airport is located 30 km from the city. Domodedovo international airport is 35 km from the center.

The best choice to get to the Moscow downtown is Aeroexpress trains which operate between airports and metro stations.
Their departure from the airports is every 30 minutes.

Aeroexpress train from Sheremetyevo international airport arrives at Belorussky Railway Station closely connected with Belorusskaya metro station. Travel time is 35 minutes. The price of one way ticket is 500 rubles (about 8$).
Aeroexpress train from Domodedovo international airport goes non-stop to Paveletsky railway station and thus arrives at Paveletskaya metro station. Travel time is 50 minutes. Fare is 500 rubles (about 8$)


  • There is no unified fare structure for taxi in Moscow. In the Moscow region there are dozens of taxi companies, and each of them sets its own fares.
  • The distinctive exterior features of licensed taxis in Moscow include yellow vehicle registration plates and orange lights on the roof. At your request a driver must provide you with the price list and his or her license information.
  • Many taxi companies in Moscow offer a choice of vehicle category: economy, comfort, or business. Taxi rates between these categories may differ drastically.
  • Not all taxi vehicles are equipped with credit card terminals.

The simplest way to book a taxi is through one of several mobile taxi apps, which can usually guarantee that a car will arrive within 10 minutes [ more ]

Above-ground Moscow public transportation [ more ]

Key info about Moscow public transport:

  • A ticket price for one journey is 55 rubles (~ 0,8 euros)
  • You can buy tickets at a driver, at self-service kiosks, installed at some bus stops and at Metro ticket counters.
  • Tickets are valid for busses, trolleybuses, trams and metro through the territory of Moscow.
  • Allocated traffic lanes for faster circulation of public transport
  • 11 night-bus-routes with 30 minutes intervals
  • Some bus stops are equipped with USB charge plugs
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in Moscow public transport.

Moscow Metro

Moscow metro is a good alternative for using taxi: cheap, fast and famous for its art. Metro allows you to skip Moscow traffic-jams and, thus, saves both your money and your time.

Key info about Moscow Metro:

  • Open hours: from 5:30 AM till 1:00 AM.
  • A ticket price for one journey is 55 rubles (~ 0,8 euros)
  • Tickets are valid for all the stations in any direction.
  • You can buy tickets at ticket counters or at self-service terminals.
  • Free Wi-Fi is avalable in all the Moscow metro cabs.
  • Most railway stations, including all three stations that service high-speed Aeroexpress trains (Kievsky, Paveletsky and Belorussky) are located near the stations of Koltsevaya line.

Moscow metro map
Moscow metro fares

Bicycles in Moscow

Over the past few years, a bicycle infrastructure has been created in Moscow from scratch. Bicycle racks and bicycle lanes have appeared in the city and a bike-share system was put in place. Cycling in the centre of Moscow in summer is one of the most pleasant and at the same time quickest ways of seeing the city
[ how to use ]

Currency and money
The official monetary unit in Russia is rouble (1$ is currently about 63 roubles, 1 euro – about 72 roubles).
All the prices are given in roubles and it is prohibited by the law to accept any other currency except the national one
It is recommended to take US Dollars or Euros and to use authorized Exchange offices in banks and hotels rather than small exchange offices around the city (there are risks they will try to cheat you)

Credit cards
Credit cards – especially Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted by shops and restaurants in Moscow

Time in Moscow