Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies | Moscow-Pisa Colloquium

Moscow-Pisa Colloquium

Moscow, October 1-5, 2018

The purpose of this meeting is mainly to develop existing and to start new collaborations among people from Moscow and Pisa in different branches of mathematics, including representation theory, algebraic geometry, probability and analysis, low dimensional topology, dynamical systems.
The colloquium will take place from October 1st to October 5th in HSE and SkolTech (Moscow)

Also, the main emphasis is supposed to be given to the communication among the participants and ideas exchange more than to a formal presentation of the obtained results, so if you would like to come but do not want to give a talk you are also welcome.

If our plan will work smoothly and successful, we are planning to run the second leg of the Colloquium in spring 2019 at the De Giorgi Mathematics Research Center in Pisa.

The Colloquium will be partially financed by SkolTech and Higher School of Economics.
Please contact us if you have any question concerning financial support


Higher School of Economics

Organizing Committee:

Sasha Skripchenko (HSE & Skoltech)
Stefano Marmi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

Topics / Participants:

  • Representation theory
    • Jacopo Gandini
    • Evgeny Feigin
    • Michail Finkelberg
  • Algebraic geometry
    • Angelo Vistoli
    • Sergey Galkin
    • Alexander Kuznetsov (TBC)
  • Probability and Analysis
    • Franco Flandoli
    • Matteo Novaga
    • Alexander Kolesnikov
    • Mauro Mariani
  • Dynamical systems
    • Stefano Marmi
    • Paolo Giulietti
    • Alexander Bufetov
    • Vladlen Timorin
  • Low-dimensional topology
    • Carlo Petronio
    • Ivan Dynnikov
    • Sergey Lando
    • Alexander Gaifullin