International conference “Topology and Physics” dedicated to the 80th birthday of S.P.Novikov

September 5–6, 2018 / Steklov Mathematical Institute, Skoltech

The Conference in honor of the 80th Birthday of Sergey Novikov, an outstanding scientist having made a fundamental contribution in a number of areas of mathematics, theoretical and mathematical physics, the head of the world-recognized scientific school,
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The scope of the Conference includes the wide spectrum of scientific interest of S. P. Novikov

Program Committee

Krichever Igor Moiseevich (Chairman)
Buchstaber Victor Matveevich (Vice-chairman)
Dubrovin Boris Anatol’evich
Taimanov Iskander Asanovich
Veselov Aleksandr Petrovich

Organizing Committee

Buchstaber Victor Matveevich (Chairman)
Krichever Igor Moiseevich (Vice-chairman)
Dynnikov Ivan Alekseyevich
Millionshchikov Dmitrii Vladimirovich
Sheinman Oleg Karlovich


September 5, 2018 / Steklov Mathematical Institute / 9th floor, Conference Hall

10:15–11:00 / A. M. Vershik
Laplace operator and random walks on the countable groups: absolute as new kind of boundary

11:25–12:10 / V. V. Kozlov
Polynomial integrals in the classical and quantum mechanics

12:15–13:00 / A. P. Veselov
Vortex streets and solitons

15:00–15:45 / I. A. Taimanov
Moutard transformation and its applications

16:00–16:45 / I. A. Dynnikov
A discretization of complex analysis for triangulated surfaces

September 6, 2018 / Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology / Nobel Str., 1, hall 351

11:00–11:45 / D. Gabai
The general 4-dimensional light bulb theorem

11:50–12:35 / L. A. Takhtadjian
Local index theorem for orbifold Riemann surfaces

12:40–13:25 / A. A. Gaifullin
On infinitely generated homology of Torelli groups

15:00–15:45 / S. Yu. Dobrokhotov
Lagrangian manifolds with singularities and their applications

16:15–17:00 / A. E. Mironov
Commuting differential and difference operators

17:05–17:50 / V. I. Dragovich
Integrable billiards, extremal polynomials, and Painleve equations


Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

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