Workshop “Recent Developments in Higgs Theory” / October 22–27, 2018

Laboratory of Mirror Symmetry, Faculty of Mathematics, NRU HSE, 6 Usacheva str., Moscow

In recent yeas several significant developments in Higgs theory have emerged. Many of these developments were generated by new results obtained in Homological Mirror Symmetry and category theory. The main purpose of this workshop is to allow a full dissemination of the newly achieved results and open new directions of research and collaborations. The workshop brings together leading researchers from very different aspects of the field — from Arithmetics to Physics.

Speakers :
J. Anderson
S. Bradlow
M. Burger
R. Bezrukavnikov
G. Daskalopulos
B. Collier
G. Dimitrov
B. Davison
M. de Cataldo
H. Esnault
A. Efimov
P. Eyssidieux
V. Fock
M. Finkelberg
T. Hausel
A. Harder
A. Iozzi
B. Klinger
A. Levin
T. Motchisuki
N. Nekrasov
M. Saito
O. García-Prada
A. Petkov
L. Shaposhnik
R. Wentworth
G. Wilkin
C. Simpson
H. Ruddat
S. Shatashvilli
A. Sheshmani
A. Szenes
V. Vologodsky

A timetable and more details are available at the conference website