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Workshop “Quantum Information and Topological Recursion”, Moscow, June 19-23, 2017

In the last two decades a substantial progress occurred in the fields of Random Matrix Theory and Quantum Information; in Random Matrix Theory this progress was mainly die to the appearance of Topological Recursion – a procedure that enables constructing asymptotic expansions in a number of models on the base of fairly minimalistic input: a spectral curve endowed with two meromorphic differentials.

The idea of the meeting is to establish and strengthen links between the two actively developing fields of knowledge: Quantum Information and Random Matrix Theory in its modern disguise of Topological Recursion. The conference format is thought to be mainly as a school for PhD students and postdocs in a form of a series of lectures by senior researchers. For younger participants we can provide accommodation on a double-room basis; travel in most occasions is supposed to be paid by their institutions.
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