Experimental Smart grids course

During term 4, Smart Grids course including experimental activities has been given for the first time in the Skoltech Smart Grid lab. The course includes a review of the main renewable energy generators such as wind and solar generators, energy storage systems and advanced techniques for controlling the grid. Centralized and distributed grid control techniques are detailed. In the lab, the students get familiar with the measuring instruments for three phase 400V AC grids, analyze power quality and efficiencies of the different traditional and inverter-based generators. In addition, they work with renewable energy generators such as PV systems for measuring efficiency of the PV panels and the whole solar generation system. Finally, as a project they design a “green building” based on real measurements and validate their design in the lab. For students, it is a good opportunity to take a break from math models and simulation and get closer to the real measurements where they are able to validate those models in the lab.

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