CEST main cooperation with Russian industry is through a major applied project associated with the National Technology Initiative (NTI) on Cross-cutting technologies for E-mobility. This project establishes a center of competency between academia (Skoltech, MSU, others), industry (InEnergy, Liotech, other) and government (Ministry of Energy and Science) which aims to modernize the level of technology in crucial areas of Russian energy storage industry.

Significant efforts in value generation has been made by pursuing research and development in with multinational companies such as LG, Bosch, Nissan, Samsung, etc. At the first stage of interaction is for Skoltech MS students to spend a two-month industrial immersion with these companies.

CEST Faculty also spend time on consulting activities to companies and governmental agencies in Russia on Energy Storage and Energy Systems. Finally, every year CEST faculty co-organize and chair sessions at top Russian and International meetings, conferences and congresses such as ACS, MRS, E-MRS. Several faculty are also members of Advisory Editorial Boards, Grant and Program Review Boards, and International Commissions in Russia, EU, India and US.

CEST supports educational and research activities along with an integrated curriculum in innovation and entrepreneurship to provide mechanisms to ensure that all students and post docs understand the potential and processes for commercialization of science and technology. Strong integration of basic research with innovation activities infuses real ideas and observations to provide impetus for targeting and developing new technologies that, if successful, will have significant commercial impact.