Qualifying Exam

Qualifying exam (QE) is an inherent part of the Skoltech PhD programs that normally takes place about 2 (3) years after the student is admitted to the Program. QE is conducted by the PhD Program Committee for each student individually. QE for Engineering Systems PhD program consists of two parts:

  • Written, 30 min, (WP),
  • Oral, 30 min, (OP),

so that overall duration of QE is up to one hour.

During the written part (WP), a student is given by the Committee 2 questions from QE Programs that correspond to the student’s specialty: 05.13.01 – System Analysis, Control and Information Processing with Application to Energy Systems or 05.13.18 – Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Set of Programs with Application to Energy Systems (please see the bottom of the page for Programs). During 30 min the students answers the given questions with only pen and paper.

During the oral part (OP), the student presents his/her answers to the Committee and answers other questions from Committee members.

QE is graded within the standard Skoltech A-F grading system. According to the Skoltech PhD Policy, failure at QE does not permit the student to continue doctoral studies.