Smart Grid Laboratory

The Smart grid lab belongs to the Center of Energy Science and Technology (CEST). Here is where the advanced control algorithms for power systems are implemented, and advanced electronic converters are design, developed and tested. Smart grid lab is a well-equiped facility from CEST which allows different types for thermal, electric and electronic devices.

It is divided in

The laboratory is used daily by researchers from CEST. Many experiments have been runned already since the laboratory was officially open in December 2016, including:

  • Demand response experiments using micro grid facilities
  • Development of resonant inverters for energy storage systems
  • Development of advance heat exchangers (Yuri Lyulin and Henni Ourdanne group)
  • Development of advanced open-source inverters (in the frame a project with Rossetti, PI P.Vorovev)
  • Development of hybrid storage systems combining supercapacitors and batteries
  • Design of advanced converters such as multi active port converters and Vienna rectifiers
  • EMI/EMC experiments
  • Vanadium Redox Flow battery cycling and modeling (in the frame of H2020 HyFlow project in collaboration with Prof. K. Stevenson, M. Pugach and S. Parsegov)
  • STRIP project “Power booster for electric motorcycles!”

In addition, some courses such as power electronics and smart grid courses perform the experimental classes in the lab since 2017.

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