Academic year 2019-2020

Date and time: February 26, 2 pm.;Speaker: Dr.Michael Heit;

Title: Increasing renewable generation, Energy turnaround and transmission grid planning in an international environment/

Date and time: March 4, 4 pm;Speaker: Yuri Lyulin;

Title: Heat transfer in two-phase cooling systems for micro and power electronics.

Date and time: March 11, 4 pm.;Speaker: Tatiana Vaskovskaya;

Title: Multi-period optimal power flow based price signals.

Date and time: April 15, 4 pm.;Speaker: Sergey Rozhenko; 

Title: Power System Reliability and Energy planning: looking from industry prospective.

Date and time: April 29, 4 pm.;Speaker: Dr. Vasily Artemov;

Title: The Role of Water in Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems.

Date and time: 6th, May, 4 pm.;Speaker: Andrey Poddubny & Aiusha Sangadiev; Dmitry Baluev;

Title: Quasi-Newton methods; Smart Cities.

Date and time: 27th, May, 4 pm.;Speaker: Botazhan Satuyeva & Aleksandra Varets;

Title: Demand response.

Date and time: 3rd, June, 4 pm.;Speaker: Daria Tanyushkina & Fater Akuhwa; Pornpawit Karpkerd & Peyman Koohi;

Title: Electric vehicles: charges and V2G technology; DC to DC converters for bi directional applications.


Course coordinators: Prof. Elena Gryazina (), Ekaterina Guseva ()