Academic year 2020-2021

Date and time: October 28, 4 pm;
Speaker: ES MSc Professors;
Title: Introduction meeting.

Date and time: November 11, 4 pm;
Speaker: Dr. Mikhail Pugach;
Title: Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries modeling and performance analysis.

Date and time: November 18, 4 pm;
Speaker: Dr. Oleg Khamisov;
Title: Optimization of frequency control in power systems. ​

Date and time: November 25, 4 pm;
Speaker: Pedro P. Vergara;
Title: Strategies to Increase the Penetration of Low Carbon Energy Resources into Distribution Networks: Results from the Netherlands.

Date and time: December 2, 4 pm;
Speaker: Timur Sayfutdinov;
Title:  Optimal Operation of Li-ion Battery Storage.

Date and time: December 9, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mazhar Ali;
Title:  Recent Advances in Computational Methods for the Steady-State Security Assessment.

Date and time: December 16, 5 pm;
Speaker: Vsevolod Chernykh;
Title:  Incentive compatibility of algorithms of multi-agent systems in electricity markets.

Date and time: February 3, 4 pm;
Speaker: Victoria Erofeeva;
Title:  Introduction to Distributed Optimization.

Date and time: February 10, 4 pm;
Speaker: Kirill Bubenchikov;
Title: Data-driven Inverse Optimization with Application to Dynamic Line Rating in Russian Power Grid.

Date and time: February 17, 4 pm;
Speaker: Javier Penuela;
Title: Demand response in indoor farming.

Date and time: February 24, 4 pm;
Speaker: Basel Morsy;
Title: Security Constrained Optimal Bus-bar Splitting.

Date and time: March 3, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mahmoud Alsadat;
Title: Active and Reactive Power Sharing Utilizing Low Bandwidth Communication Through Power Lines.

Date and time: March 10, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mile Mitrovic;
Title: Chance Constraints based on the Gaussian Process Regression Model for Improving the Security of Optimal Power Flow​.

Date and time: March 23, 4 pm;
Speaker: Luis Lopez;
Title: Empirical Analysis of Capacity Investment Solution in Distribution Grids.

Date and time: March 31, 4 pm;
Speaker: lia Kamyshev;
Title: Towards real-time non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM*) through synthesized signals out of independent datasets.

Date and time: April 7, 4 pm;
Speaker: Aiusha Sangadiev;
Title: Decision-making under Uncertainty for Large-Scale Power System Planning.

Date and time: April 14, 4 pm;
Speakers: Svetlana Ponomarenko, Gretta Nikkare;
Title: Hydrogen economy review.
Speakers: Ilya Veretennikov and Dmitrii Zverev;
Title: Modeling a household tariff for reducing sectoral cross-subsidies in the Russian Power Market.

Date and time: April 21, 4 pm;
Speakers: Anna Malkova, Nikita Taranin;
Title: Wind energy technology review.
Speakers: Collins Ogbodo;
Title: Energy as a Service (EaaS): Overview, Current, Future.

Date and time: April 28, 4 pm;
Speakers: Olga Klyagina, Ilia Ponomarev;
Title: Distributed generation in Russia.

Date and time: May 12, 4 pm;
Speakers: Stanislav Bogdanov;
Title: Distributed PV arrays for wireless energy transfer.
Speakers: Hamza Ali, Sahar Moghimian;
Title: Design and Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.

Date and time: May 19, 4 pm;
Occasion: Predefense.

Date and time: May 26, 4 pm;
Speakers: Nargiza Toboeva, Olalekan Omoyele;
Title: Concentrated Solar Power – CSP.
Speakers: Regina Khurmatova​;
Title: Heat transfer enhancement in flattened tubes.​