Topics and Speakers

Confirmed Speakers and Topics:

    1. Jean-Marie Tarascon (France), “Designing new liquid electrolytes for batteries: All you need to know on 90 minutes”
    2. Alexey Kashin (InEnergy, Russia), “Electrochemical Technologies for  Future Markets”
    3. Dmitry Aksenov (Skoltech, Russia), “Quantum-mechanical modelling and development of cathode materials for Li, Na, and K-ion batteries”
    4. Anatoly Senyshyn (Germany), “Probing the lithium/electrolyte distribution in Li-ion batteries by diffraction techniques”
    5. Elena Savinova (France), “Electrocatalysis for alkaline fuel cells and electrolyzers”
    6. Donald Siegel (USA), “Atomistic simulation of battery materials”
    7. Prabeer Barpanda (India), “Sodium-based oxides as versatile battery insertion materials”
    8. Alexis Grimaud (France), “Mastering the electrochemical interfaces from the electronic structure of solids to the double layer structure”
    9. Vladislav Gorshkov (Skoltech, Russia), Seminar in battery assembling and prototyping
    10. Wiebke Albrecht (Belgium), “3D Structure of Nanomaterials under Realistic Conditions” (Dropbox link)
    11. Oleg Levin (Russia), “Design of organic materials for electrochemical energy storage”
    12. Bingqing Wei (USA), “Li-Metal Batteries: Challenge and Opportunity”
    13. Stanislav Fedotov (Skoltech, Russia), “Linking mineral and material worlds: defects genealogy in olivine-type cathode materials”