Conference Topics

  1. Electrocatalysis in metal-air batteries: charge transfer and stability, lecturer C.T. Alexander
  2. Transmission electron microscopy: fundamentals and recent advances, lecturer Dr. T. Altantzis
  3. Electrochemical intercalation: from the battery to a tool for the solid state chemist, lecturer Prof. C. Delmas
  4. Crystal chemistry tools in search, design and analysis of metal-ion battery materials, lecturer Dr. S. Fedotov
  5. Redox flow batteries for charging both electric & hydrogen cars, lecturer Prof. H.H. Girault
  6. Conventional and unconventional syntheses of inorganic materials for electrochemical energy storage, lecturer Prof. A. Hardy
  7. New electrode materials for Li-, Na-, and K-ion batteries, lecturer Prof. S. Komaba
  8. Charge transfer rate controlling factors in ion intercalation reactions: the ion, the solvent and the interface structure, lecturer Dr. V.A. Nikitina
  9. From “sensible” random structures to new materials, lecturer Prof. C.J. Pickard
  10. Poly(ionic liquid)s as potential candidates for all-solid state Li batteries, lecturer Prof. A.S. Shaplov
  11. Carbon ultramicroelectrode arrays as sensors for the electrochemical detection of pathogenic cellular response mechanisms, lecturer O. Simoska
  12. Conceptual Approaches to High-Energy-Density Materials for Li-ion Batteries, Dr. Matthieu Saubanère