Topics and Speakers

The conference will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of solid-state chemistry of battery materials. Practical work will be done in the labs in 3 tracks (6 groups) under supervision of qualified personnel. “The Best Performance Award” will be given for the best results. Maximal number of Participants is 25.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Prof. Artem  Abakumov (Skoltech):  Electronic structure of battery materials DOWNLOAD
  • Prof. Evgeny Antipov (Skoltech): Crystal chemistry of electroactive battery materials
  • Prof. Keith Stevenson (Skotlech): Low temperature electrocatalysis for the generation of green hydrogen and ammonia DOWNLOAD
  • Prof. Stanislav Fedotov (Skotlech): Operando X-ray and neutron diffraction experiments DOWNLOAD
  • Prof. Sergey Levchenko (Skoltech): First-principle statistical mechanics: implications for defects and catalysis DOWNLOAD
  • Dr. Dmitry Aksenov (Skoltech): Computational modeling of inorganic solids DOWNLOAD
  • Dr. Maria Kirsanova (Skoltech): Basics of transmission electron microscopy DOWNLOAD


  • Dr. A. Savina: XRD data treatment
  • Dr. I. Trussov, Prof. S. Fedotov: Processing XRD data using GSAS-II software
  • Dr. D. Aksenov, Dr. A. Boev: Crash course on DFT modeling: bulk properties, point and planar defects, diffusion
  • Prof. A. Abakumov: Indexing powder X-ray diffraction data DOWNLOAD
  • Prof. A. Abakumov: Indexing electron diffraction data DOWNLOAD

Practical work. Tracks:

  • X-ray diffraction (3 groups)
  • Electron microscopy (2 groups)
  • Computational methods (2 groups)