Energy Research Seminar

This research seminar is the general weekly meeting for faculty, researchers and students of Energy Systems programs.
The seminar welcomes lectures of faculty, invited lectures of top scientists in their research field as well as students’ reports on their own or examined papers.

The scope of presentations covers stability, control, operation, planning, and economics of modern power systems; combined cooling, heat and power generation and renewable energy sources integration, power electronics architecture and control strategies
as well as wide range of interdisciplinary topics.
The seminar takes place every week during November-December, February-May (Terms 2-4, 6-8).

Academic year 2021-2022

Date and time: October 27, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009
Speaker: ES MSc Professors;
Title: Introduction meeting.

Date and time: November 10, 4 pm;
Room: online
Speaker: Dr Dragan Cetenovic;
Title: Fundamentals of Power System State Estimation – Enablers of Energy Management Systems.

Date and time: November 17, 4 pm;
Room: online
Speaker: Yichen Liu, PhD student in the University of Manchester;
Title: An optimized multi-objective reactive power dispatch strategy based on improved genetic algorithm for wind power integrated systems.

Date and time: November 24, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009
Speaker: Dmitrii Baluev;
Title: Power System Margin Stability Assessment – The Implementation of the Novel Method.

Date and time: December 1, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009
Speaker: Stanislav Bogdanov;
Title: Dynamical modeling of vanadium redox flow batteries.

Date and time: December 8, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009
Speaker: Andrey Gorbunov;
Title: Stability regions and critical clusters in Inverter based microgrids.

Date and time: December 15, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009;
Speaker: Aleksandr Lukashevich;
Title: Power Grid Reliability via Adaptive Importance Sampling.

Date and time: February 2, 4 pm;
Room: online;
Speaker: Oleg Khamisov;
Title: Software for energy storage system (ESS) installation in distribution grids

Date and time: February 9, 4 pm;
Room: online;
Speaker: David Pozo;
Title: Quantification of the data value in power systems.

Date and time: February 16, 4 pm;
Room: online
Speaker: Sajjad Asefi;
Title:Effect of false data injection anomaly in power system state estimation.

Date and time: March 2, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009;
Speaker: Anna Shubnaya;
Title:Multiport DC-DC converters for bidirectional applications.

Date and time: March 9, 4 pm;
Room: online;
Speaker: Mikhail Gybko;
Title: Heavy-duty data acquisition system for smart energy management algorithms.

Date and time: March 16, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009;
Speaker: Hamza Ali;
Title:Energy Management Strategies in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems.

Date and time: March 30, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009;
Speaker:Ilya Kamyshev;
Title:Electric Signals Clustering.

Date and time: April 6, 4 pm;
Room: online;
Speaker: Mikhail Goubko, Yuri Rassadin, Nikolay Bazenkov;
Title:Research projects of the Center of digital solutions for smart grid of ICS RAS.

Date and time: April 13, 4 pm;
Room: online;
Speaker: Arlan Zhanatbekov and Bakhtiyar Kazbekov;
Title:Solving Optimal Power Flow problem using linear approximations and convex relaxations: review of methods and numerical demonstration.

Date and time: May 25, 4 pm;
Room: R3-C2-2009;
Speaker: Anastasia Sidorkina and Maksim Annikov;
Title: Development of electric and heat cogeneration system on fuel cells.

Academic year 2020-2021

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Academic year 2019-2020

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Course coordinators: Prof. Elena Gryazina (), Ekaterina Guseva ()