Energy Research Seminar

This research seminar is the general weekly meeting for faculty, researchers and students of Energy Systems programs.
The seminar welcomes lectures of faculty, invited lectures of top scientists in their research field as well as students’ reports on their own or examined papers.

The scope of presentations covers stability, control, operation, planning, and economics of modern power systems; combined cooling, heat and power generation and renewable energy sources integration, power electronics architecture and control strategies
as well as wide range of interdisciplinary topics.
The seminar takes place every week during November-December, February-May (Terms 2-4, 6-8).

Academic year 2020-2021

Date and time: October 28, 4 pm;
Speaker: ES MSc Professors;
Title: Introduction meeting.

Date and time: November 11, 4 pm;
Speaker: Dr. Mikhail Pugach;
Title: Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries modeling and performance analysis.

Date and time: November 18, 4 pm;
Speaker: Dr. Oleg Khamisov;
Title: Optimization of frequency control in power systems. ​

Date and time: November 25, 4 pm;
Speaker: Pedro P. Vergara;
Title: Strategies to Increase the Penetration of Low Carbon Energy Resources into Distribution Networks: Results from the Netherlands.

Date and time: December 2, 4 pm;
Speaker: Timur Sayfutdinov;
Title:  Optimal Operation of Li-ion Battery Storage.

Date and time: December 9, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mazhar Ali;
Title:  Recent Advances in Computational Methods for the Steady-State Security Assessment.

Date and time: December 16, 5 pm;
Speaker: Vsevolod Chernykh;
Title:  Incentive compatibility of algorithms of multi-agent systems in electricity markets.

Date and time: February 3, 4 pm;
Speaker: Victoria Erofeeva;
Title:  Introduction to Distributed Optimization.

Date and time: February 10, 4 pm;
Speaker: Kirill Bubenchikov;
Title: Data-driven Inverse Optimization with Application to Dynamic Line Rating in Russian Power Grid.

Date and time: February 17, 4 pm;
Speaker: Javier Penuela;
Title: Demand response in indoor farming.

Date and time: February 24, 4 pm;
Speaker: Basel Morsy;
Title: Security Constrained Optimal Bus-bar Splitting.

Date and time: March 3, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mahmoud Alsadat;
Title: Active and Reactive Power Sharing Utilizing Low Bandwidth Communication Through Power Lines.

Date and time: March 10, 4 pm;
Speaker: Mile Mitrovic;
Title: Chance Constraints based on the Gaussian Process Regression Model for Improving the Security of Optimal Power Flow​.

Date and time: March 23, 4 pm;
Speaker: Luis Lopez;
Title: Empirical Analysis of Capacity Investment Solution in Distribution Grids.

Date and time: March 31, 4 pm;
Speaker: lia Kamyshev;
Title: Towards real-time non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM*) through synthesized signals out of independent datasets.

Date and time: April 7, 4 pm;
Speaker: Aiusha Sangadiev;
Title: Decision-making under Uncertainty for Large-Scale Power System Planning.

Date and time: April 14, 4 pm;
Speakers: Svetlana Ponomarenko, Gretta Nikkare;
Title: Hydrogen economy review.
Speakers: Ilya Veretennikov and Dmitrii Zverev;
Title: Modeling a household tariff for reducing sectoral cross-subsidies in the Russian Power Market.

Date and time: April 21, 4 pm;
Speakers: Anna Malkova, Nikita Taranin;
Title: Wind energy technology review.
Speakers: Collins Ogbodo;
Title: Energy as a Service (EaaS): Overview, Current, Future.

Date and time: April 28, 4 pm;
Speakers: Olga Klyagina, Ilia Ponomarev;
Title: Distributed generation in Russia.

Date and time: May 12, 4 pm;
Speakers: Stanislav Bogdanov;
Title: Distributed PV arrays for wireless energy transfer.
Speakers: Hamza Ali, Sahar Moghimian;
Title: Design and Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.

Date and time: May 19, 4 pm;
Occasion: Predefense.

Date and time: May 26, 4 pm;
Speakers: Nargiza Toboeva, Olalekan Omoyele;
Title: Concentrated Solar Power – CSP.
Speakers: Regina Khurmatova​;
Title: Heat transfer enhancement in flattened tubes.​

Academic year 2019-2020

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Course coordinators: Prof. Elena Gryazina (), Ekaterina Guseva ()