Development of efficient and stable perovskite solar cells using the chemical and structural design of new functional materials, RSF 2018-2020
Computer modelling and experimental study of surface segregation of alloying elements for sodium-containing oxides and polyanionic compounds of transition metals, RFBR 2018
Simulation of stability, structure and spectra of atoms and small molecules in inert gas crystals, RSF 2018-2019
Computer design of new materials with optimal parameters of hardness and crack resistance, RSF 2017-2019
New cathode materials for metal-ion batteries based on mixed polyanionic structures, RFBR 2017-2019
Nanostructured fluorophosphate cathodes and phosphorus-based hybrid anodes for Na-ion batteries, RFBR 2017-2018
Understanding the dependence of charge transport on morphology in organic semiconductor films, Volkswagen Foundation 2017-2018
New methods for predicting materials with optimal properties, RSF 2016-2018
Development of advanced organic cathode materials for lithium and sodium batteries, RSF 2016-2018
Development Plan for Cross-cutting Technology: New and Mobile Energy Sources (Energy Net) within the framework of the National Technology Initiative , NTI 2018-2020
Organization of the Xth Traditional All-Russian Youth Summer School: Management, information and optimization, RFBR 2018
Development of self-ordered donor-acceptor block copolymers for highly efficient and stable solar cells, RFBR 2017-2018
15th workshop on crystal structure prediction with USPEX code, Academia Europea 2018
Novel high-energy phosphate and fluoride-phosphate based cathode materials for metal-ion batteries, RSF 2018-2020
High-temperature oxide minerals as potential material for thermal barrier coatings, RFBR 2018-2020
Defect structure in olivine-type minerals: impact onfunctional and electrochemical properties of cathode materials for metal-ion batteries, RFBR 2018-2020
Application of Machine Learning for Development of the Interatomic Interaction Models, RSF 2018-2020
Towards safe electrode materials based on reversible anion redox chemistry: polyanionic and mixed anionic systems for metal-ion batteries, RSF 2019-2020
Dielectric spectroscopy of confined electrolytes for nature-friendly energy, RFBR 2018-2020
Development of Advanced Technologies and Algorithms for Smart Microgrids, RSF 2019-2021
Gas-phase mobility of heavy ions as the signature of their electronic structure, RFBR 2019-2021
Dynamics and evaporation of liquid droplets under gas flow on micro- and nano-structured surfaces, RSF 2019-2021
Electric properties and structure of water near natural interfaces, RSF 2019-2022
Study of rupture dynamics of a thin self-rewetting liquid layer when heated from a localized hot-spot, RFBR 2019-2021
Development of an Energy Management System algorithm for a modular Energy Storage System, Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation 2018-2020
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