Course Portfolio

Advanced Major-Field Courses (two required)

  • Power Markets and Regulations, Prof. Janusz Bialek, Prof. David Pozo (MA06002)
  • Non-Equilibrium Processes in Energy Conversion, Prof. Henni Ouerdane (DA06020)
  • Smart Grids, Prof. Federico Ibanez (MA06056)
  • Power Electronics, Prof. Federico Ibanez (MA06198)
  • Renewable Energy, Prof. Petr Vorobev (MA06201)
  • Optimization Methods, Prof. Elena Gryazina (MA06002)


Basic Major-Field

  • Fundamentals of Power Systems, Prof. David Pozo (MA06007)
  • Energy Systems Physics and Engineering, Prof. Henni Ouerdane (MA06001)


Recommended optional

  • Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science, Prof. Aslan Kasimov (MA06239)
  • Thermal Fluid Sciences, Prof. Iskander Akhatov (MA06053)
  • Experimental Data Processing, Prof. Tatiana Podladchikova (MA06238)


Research Methodology

  • Energy PhD Seminar (Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges), Prof. Alexei Buchachenko (PA06106)

CEST Research Seminars

  • Research seminar “Energy systems and technologies”, Prof. Elena Gryazina (MA03377, MA03386)

See also detailed course descriptions at Skoltech Course Catalog.