Join our Seminar on 23 May

Time: 16:00-17:00

Place:TPOC-3, Nobel str., Blue Building, Room 407

Speaker: Sergey Vavilov, PhD student, Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Title: Anisotropic graphitic anodes: the link between EIS and rate capacity

Abstract: The rate capacity of graphitic anodes can be improved by altering the microstructure of the anodes. To understand the mechanisms that control the rate capacity, we can investigate the microstructured anodes with a number of microscopy techniques. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy also turns out quite useful to characterize the tortuosity of the porous electrodes, which directly links to the diffusion coefficient of the lithium ions in the electrolyte and, eventually, to the rate capacity of the anodes. I will present and contrast the EIS and the rate capacity data on graphitic anodes with different microstructures.

Speaker: Natalia Katorova, PhD student, Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Title: The study of electrolyte based on the ether-solvent for potassium-ion batteries

Abstract: The different cathode materials for potassium-ion batteries have been studied in recent years to attain the capacity and energy characteristics competitive to materials for the lithium-ion batteries. However, the electrolyte influence on the cell performance has been observed as well and the negative drawbacks of the conventional carbonate-based electrolyte usage have been shown.   Herein, the advantages provided by the so-called diglyme solvent is considered. The electrolyte salt concentration change is observed to effect on the electrochemical performance of cathode and anode materials. Finally, the full potassium-ion cell working over 300 cycles is presented.