Doctoral Thesis Defence on 26 March

On behalf of Professor Artem Abakumov, we are happy to invite you to attend our scientific seminar! The Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage has been chosen as leading organization for defense of Kirill Yusenko’s dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences. You can find more information about his doctoral thesis here.

When: 26 March, 4.00 – 6.00 p.m.

Where: TPOC-3, Nobel str., Blue Building, 4th floor, Room 408

Speaker: Kirill Yusenko, Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Institute of Solid State Chemistry, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISTT UB RAS), Ekaterinburg, Russia
Title: Development of methods for obtaining refractory multicomponent systems with the participation of platinum group metals by thermal decomposition individual precursor compounds
Abstract: Coordination compounds containing platinum group metals can be used as single-source precursors for multimetallic alloys. Double complex salts, their synthesis, crystal structure and thermal decomposition will be discussed in the context of preparation of multicomponent refractory alloys under mild conditions. High-temperature high-pressure treatment of platinum group metals binary, multicomponent and high-entropy alloys prepared from single-source precursors may allow to obtain important information about stability and reactivity of incompressible refractory alloys under extreme conditions.