Professor Pavel Troshin joined CEE CREI

troshinProfessor Pavel Troshin joined CEE CREI!

After receiving his MSc degree in organic and physical chemistry from Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences at D. I. Mendeleev University, Pavel obtained his PhD in physical chemistry in 2006 from the Institute for Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCP RAS). For the last 10 years Pavel coordinated and led more than 20 different research projects. To support his research, he won grants of the Russian Science Foundation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research; state contracts with the Russian Ministry of Science and Education; grants of European Science Foundation (ESF); contracts with Russian and foreign companies and research centers. Before joining Skoltech, Pavel was a head of the Laboratory of Functional Materials for Electronics and Medicine at IPCP RAS. The current joint appointment will allow Pavel to strengthen research collaboration between Skoltech and IPCP RAS.

Pavel’s areas of interest include electrochemical energy storage, organic and molecular electronics, organic semiconductors, organic materials, organic synthesis, solar cells, field-effect transistors, sensors, fullerene chemistry, conversion of atmospheric CO2 to artificial fuel using solar light energy (“solar fuel”). His contributions to science have been recognized with several awards and personal grants, including Zvorykin award from the Russian Innovation Convention and Russian Ministry for Science and Education (2008). Pavel has authored more than 130 publications with h-index of 23, supervised a number of PhD and MSc students. Pavel has also developed and taught university courses on fullerene chemistry and Organic Electronics. At CEE CREI, Pavel will continue his research in organic electronics, solar energy conversion, and organic batteries.

Let us welcome Pavel Troshin!