Experimental power electronics course held for 1st time at Skoltech



The Center for Energy Systems offers a brand new course in power electronics, which nowadays is considered to be one of the most promising technologies. It is extensively used in modern electric vehicles, industrial plants, and renewable energy systems. Professional advantages continue to grow for technical engineers who understand the fundamental principles and technical requirements of present-day power conversion systems.

This course has been developed and is now delivered by Dr. Federico Martin Ibanez, a senior research scientist with the Center for Energy Systems. It brings the “hands-on” approach to learning that makes Skoltech unique. During laboratory classes, students work very closely with their instructor and benefit from his research expertise and individual feedback in a small group setting.



In this course, students learn how to analyze and test real DC/AC, DC/DC and AC/DC converters in the lab as well as to design their power circuits.


Photo: Skoltech.

The classes started October 30 in the framework of Term 2 of the Academic year. 5 Master students from Energy Systems take part in the course.




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