Vasilii Vasilchenko

Ph.D. thesis:
“First-principle modeling of electronic transport in energy materials”.
SupervisorProf. Xavier Gonze
IDC Committee members: Prof. Xavier Gonze, Prof. Andriy Zhugayevych, Prof.Sergey Levсhenko

Vasilii received B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2018 and M.Sc. in Materials Science from Skolkovo Institute of Science and technology in 2020. His research is focused on studying electron-phonon interactions, transport properties and polaron formation in organic and inorganic semiconductors using models parameterized from first-principles calculations.


List of conferences: 

  1. 2020, “Polarons in Two-Dimensional Pnictogens: DFT Study”, V. Vasilchenko, S. Levchenko, V. Perebeinos, A. Zhugayevych. First virtual Bilateral Conference on Functional Materials (BiC-FM)