Valeriy D. Zaytsev

PhD student

Ph.D. thesis: “Electrochemical and optical sensor system for food quality assessment” 

Supervisor: Prof. Albert Nasibulin; Prof. Dmitry Gorin

IDC committee members: Prof. Nikolay Gippius, Prof. Dmitry Gorin and Prof. Albert Nasibulin

Valeriy was graduated with honors from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2020 with a specialist degree in analytical chemistry. His graduation project under Dr. V. Apyari was related to the synthesis and use label-free triangular silver nanoprisms for threshold testing pharmaceuticals and biological liquids (urine and blood serum) on the presence of catecholamines by spectroscopic methods.   

In 2020 Valeriy joined the Laboratory of Nanomaterials of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. His research interests were focused on the design an objective and precise method for meat quality assessment using array of semiconductor and optical sensors (electronic nose) employed with multispectral imaging, and supported by mass-spectrometric and bacteriological analysis. Currently his work is aimed to produce the coverings of silica nanoparticles by different techniques and also testing electronic noses in the process of meat spoilage.


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