Margarita Chetyrkina

PhD student

Ph.D. thesis: “Design of single-walled carbon nanotube based electrodes with biocompatible properties for neural prosthetics and implantable electronics”.
Supervisor: Prof. Albert Nasibulin
IDC committee membersProf. Albert Nasibulin, Prof. Timofei Zatsepin and Prof. Michail Lebedev

Margarita graduated with honors from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2018, getting a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in 2020, earning a master’s degree Material Science. Her bachelor’s research was dedicated to the study phenomenon named epithelial-mesenchymal transition and development of new methods for prediction of cancer progression and studying of overcoming drug resistance of breast cancer. Her master’s degree work was devoted to biological effects study and development of new semiconductor materials in vat dyes family, research of cytotoxic effects of water-soluble derivatives of fullerenes on in vitro models of lung cancer, and evaluation of potential toxic effects of halides used as precursors for perovskite solar cells in vitro/ in vivo.

List of papers:

  1. Hung-Jin Huang, Margarita Chetyrkina, Chui-Wei Wong, Olga A. Kraevaya, Alexander V. Zhilenkov, Ilya I. Voronov, Pei-Hwa Wang, Pavel A. Troshin, Shan-hui Hsu, Identification of potential descriptors of water-soluble fullerene derivatives responsible for antitumor effects on lung cancer cells via QSAR analysis, Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, Volume 19, 2021, Pages 812-825,  ISSN 2001-0370,
  2. Bogush T.A., Kaliuzhny S.A., Chetyrkina M.R., Yastrebova M.A., Scherbakov A.M., Ryabinina O.M., Bogush Е.А., Kamensky A.A. Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in MCF7/ADR breast cancer cells. MSU Vestnik. Chemistry. 2018, V. 59, № 5, P. 374-376 (SCOPUS SJR 0,187, ISSN 0579-9384, ISSN 1728-2101). 
  3. Bogush T.A., Kaliuzhny S.A., Chetyrkina M.R., Yastrebova M.A., Scherbakov A.M., Mamichev I.A., Kamensky A.A.  Expression of vimentin in cell cultures obtained from human epithelial tumors. The successes of molecular oncology, 2018, V.5, №2. 

List of conferences:

  1. 2020 M.R. Chetyrkina, F.S. Talalaev, S.V. Kostyuk, P.A. Troshin. Biocompatibility assessment of organic semiconductors in the context of their application in wearable and on-skin electronics. 6th International Fall School on Organic Electronics, 13-17 September 2020, (e-poster)
  2. Margarita Chetyrkina, Larisa Kameneva, Elena Klimanova, Tatyana Sashenkova, Ugulzhan Allayarova, Denis Mishchenko, Svetlana Kostyuk, Pavel Troshin. Lead or Organics: A Comparative Toxicity Assessment for Precursor Materials Used in Perovskite Solar Cells. 2nd School on Hybrid, Organic and Perovskite Photovoltaics (HOPE-PV20), 2020 (e-poster)
  3. 2019 M. Chetyrkina, F. Talalaev, P. Troshin, S. Kostyuk. Biocompatibility assessment for organic semiconductor materials used in biosensor electronics. FEBS Congress (6-11 July 2019, Poland, Krakow) P­41­058.
  4. 2018 Chetyrkina M.R., Kaliuzhny S.A., Bogush T.A., Scherbakov A.M., Mamichev I.A., Vichljantzeva N.O., Kamensky A.A. Quantitative evaluation of expression parameters of the mesenchymal marker  vimentin in the cell lines of epithelial tumors. IV St. Petersburg International Oncology Forum (5-8 June, 2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia).
  5. 2018 Scherbakov A.M., Bogush T.A., Kaliuzhny S.A., Chetyrkina M.R., Yastrebova M.A., Mamichev I.A., Kamensky A.A. Vimentin in epithelial cancer cells during adaptation to the growth in vitro. 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR25) (30 June-03 July 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands), ESMO Open: Cancer Horizons, 2018, Abstr. № 195.