Seminar for Industry Representatives in the Megagrant AMPaC lab on December 12, 2023

CEST team held a Seminar for Industry Representatives on December 12, 2023.

The seminar was held in offline and online modes.
CEST lab, and solutions for various network problems were presented to the participants, industry representatives, during the seminar.
Seminar was focused on the problems of connecting power electronics devices to the power network.

Participants have visited the CEST lab, in which:

— new models of open-source power inverters are being created, including for solving problems of charging electric vehicles;
— power electronics devices are tested using the RTDS (Real-Time Digital Simulator) and the Ponovo signal amplifier;
— flow storage technology is being improved;
— materials for batteries are being prepared for mass production.

Seminar participants were introduced how to control inverters in the grid to solve various actual problems, and participants were provided with cases on solving local problems, by managing grid modes and charging stations, or connecting storage devices and renewable generation devices to the grid.


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