Skoltech’s innovative energy projects reach “Energy Breakthrough” final

Two projects from the Skoltech Center for Energy Technologies have secured their places in the final of the 11th “Energy Breakthrough” competition. Organized by the Rosseti power grid company in collaboration with the Skolkovo Fund, the competition celebrates and supports trailblazing technologies designed to transform the national electric grid complex.

This year saw a competitive turnout of 420 applications, but only 18 made the cut. The Energy Center showcased their competence by having two projects in the spotlight.

Spearheaded by Associate Professor Dmitry Titov and a team of master’s and PhD students, the Volga digital platform is designed to streamline operational measures during extreme meteorological events that impact the electric grid. “We aim to precisely gauge the severity of ice accretion on overhead power lines. Our innovative approach integrates weather forecasts, power line data, and real-time ice mass measurements from sensors placed across various Russian regions,” Titov elaborated.

Simultaneously, the Sansens project, introduced by Research Scientist Alexandra Boldyreva, proposes an eco-friendly solution for low-capacity devices. With a focus on solar energy, Sansens aims to minimize maintenance costs for autonomous systems that monitor ice formation. Boldyreva highlighted the project’s edge: “Our tandem solar modules not only serve as an efficient power source, but also operate effectively in low-light conditions, ensuring longer operational times even in winter.”

Both projects reflect Skoltech’s commitment to pioneering energy solutions. These endeavors received a significant boost when, in August 2023, Sansens was granted residency in the Skolkovo Fund.

All eyes are now on December, as the finalists will present their comprehensive project roadmaps. The much-anticipated award ceremony is scheduled for mid-December, promising to be a landmark event for the energy sector.