Employees of the AMPaC laboratory took part in the “Neftegaz 2023″ International Exhibition

Employees of the AMPaC laboratory (Megagrant, Prof. V.Terzia) took part in the “Neftegaz 2023″ International Exhibition is one of the ten largest oil and gas exhibitions in the world, which provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers from different countries to demonstrate the modern oil & gas and oil refining equipment and technologies to the area specialists, establish business contacts and increase its number, to discuss a wide range of issues facing the industry.

The main achievement of participation in the exhibition is deliver the information about the AMPaC laboratory to potential partners: managers of oil & gas producing and processing companies, suppliers of oil & gas products, petrochemical enterprises, the companies of the fuel and energy complex and related industries.

The total number of the exhibition is about 3000 people.

Participation in the “Neftegaz 2023” exhibition allowed to increase number of business contacts with oil and gas companies, with own power grid infrastructure.

The participation is a part of the AMPaC Megagrant project supported by The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation, Grant Agreement No 075-10-2021-067, Grant identification code 000000S707521QJX0002.”