PSCAD online training at Skoltech in January-February 2022

In January-February 2022, Skoltech team participated in new series of specialized training on working with PSCAD software. PSCAD is one of the most advanced software packages used for this purpose and it has been recently purchased for undertaking AMPaC Megagrant project research in the field of integration of renewable energy sources into the existing power grid.

PSCAD Training Sessions took place in online mode between the 11-th of January and the 16-th of February 2022. Faculty, researchers, PhD and Master students – members of AMPaC Megagrant team – polished their skills in PSCAD modeling through 4 online sessions.

The tutorial was delivered by Fedor Ivanov, Technical Director of EnLAB – exclusive vendor of Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) in Russia – and Anton Loskutov, a faculty member of the Department of Power Engineering, Power Supply and Power Electronics at Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University.

Within 4 online session we learned more on implementing specific routines in PSCAD including:

  1. Creation of new components in PSCAD
  2. Assembly of multiple generating units (synchronous generator + turbine +governor + excitation system), connected to the network suffering from several different disturbances.
  3. Simulation of under-frequency load shedding system. Grid with voltage source and multiple loads suffers from a power loss. As a result system activates multiple circuit barkers disconnecting a number of loads sufficient for power balance restoration.
  4. Multi-run simulations for gathering statistical data. Grid consisting of voltage source and several loads suffers form multiple randomized disturbances. The data containing system dynamics is automatically recorded.