The VI International Conference of Young Scientists finished

The VI International Conference of Young Scientists in Solid state chemistry of battery materials, which covers both theoretical and practical aspects of chemical principles and progress made in the rational design of battery materials, ended on our campus. This annual event gives an opportunity for young scientists to represent their research and discuss the advances and problems with top scientists in the field.
Besides traditional lectures, poster sessions and networking, the participants conducted practical work in the labs in three tracks. In each of them organizers selected the best works and awarded those teams the Best Performance prize:
X-Rays Diffraction: Nikita Buryak, Alina Pavlova, Andrey Korchun, Dmitry Kislov, Albert Akhmadeev with work Structural Investigation of LiFe0.5Mn0.5PO4.
Computational Methods: Elizaveta Mokhrova, Alexandr Ryabin, Maria Solovieva with work DFT-calculations for LiB as SEI and anode material Li3V2O5: structure and properties.
Electron Microscopy: Andrey Marenko, Natalia Timusheva, Maria Apostolova, Grigory Lakienko, Eugeny Frolov, Dariya Voropaeva, Semen Shraer with work Electron Microscopy analysis of Li-rich Li1.2Ni0.2Mm0.6O2.xwkhddszkik