CEST scientists measured electrical conductivity of pure interfacial water

Skoltech scientists in collaboration with researchers from the University of Stuttgart, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Russian Quantum Center achieved the first systematic experimental measurements of the electrical conductivity of pure interfacial water, hence producing new results significantly extending our knowledge of interfacial water. The results were published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – a top-ranking journal in this field.

The collaborative study was led by Dr. Vasily Artemov who joined professor Ouerdane’s research group in November 2018. Thanks to the strong support from Skoltech, professor Ouerdane and Dr. Artemov succeeded in designing and building the Dielectric Lab Setup at CEST in a record time and producing world-class results. The setup now attracts local and international students for short research stays in the framework of the Global Campus program. Research projects in physical chemistry, materials science, biology and across these disciplines are sure to benefit from the new facility. Professor Ouerdane and Dr. Artemov are set on further fostering the broadband dielectric spectroscopy research at their lab.

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