Prof. David Pozo and Andrey Churkin represent Skoltech at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019, Seattle

On October 20-23 prof. David Pozo and Andrey Churkin (CEST) participated in one of the most important events in operations research – the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting. The conference gathered more than 7.000 professionals in management sciences, economics, mathematical optimization, and other research topics.

Prof. David and Andrey were invited to give a speech at the General Session entitled “Power system expansion analysis” chaired by prof. Enzo Sauma.

In the report “Incorporating Cooperative Game Theory Principles into Cross-Border Transmission Expansion Planning Algorithms”, Andrey presented a new bi-level approach that incorporates Cooperative Game Theory principles into the transmission planning algorithm and avoids situations where some parties may be underestimated. Prof. David gave a talk on long-term planning decision-making models for power systems.

Both reports were highly appreciated by the audience. The presented results are currently being prepared for publication in top power system journals.c1 c2