Power electronics course

This year during term 3, the students of the energy system track could assist to an experimental course where they learnt how to use the electronic instruments and design their own power converters. Prof. Federico Ibanez dictated the course, which included the design theory of DC/AC and DC/DC converters. After that, the students used the learnt concepts in the lab by creating and testing their own converters. Experimental practice is essential for them to reinforce the concepts, which they learn in the classroom. This is the 2nd edition of the power electronics course which included approximately 50% of experimental classes. The experiments consisted of designing and testing different controllable rectifiers, DC/DC and DC/AC converters.

In addition, this time a seminar for PCB (printed circuit board) design given by Mr. Fernando Davalos from the Panamerican University, Mexico, was included. So, by the end of the course the students were able to develop its own PCB in the lab facilities. Using this software and the hardware facilities, they were able to create prototypes much closer to commercial products.

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