CES to strengthen collaboration with Volgogradenergo


Photo: Dmitry Titov.

On 18 May, research scientist Dmitry Titov took part in a special session of the Innovation Working Group of Volgogradenergo, one of our Center’s crucial industrial partners.

This interactive and forward-looking meeting highlighted the critical role of research and development and its still largely untapped potential for Russian industry. Additionally, the session raised the subject of expertise transfer to younger generation of the company’s employees.

Dmitry Titov was invited to give a presentation about our partnership with Volgogradenergo, where he elaborated on icing monitoring and demonstrated developed equipment. He further suggested topics for joint research for the upcoming year, such as automation of primary data collection during air power line inspections.

We are now working on proposals for new projects with Volgogradenergo as follow-up to the session.