PhD students Mikhail Pugach and Aleksandra Sveshnikova presented their research at International Conference of Applied Energy (ICAE 2017)

ICAE – is a prestigious international conference which covers such topics as Clean Energy Conversion Technologies, Energy Management, Policy, Economics and Sustainability, Energy Sciences, Energy Storage, Intelligent Energy Systems, Mitigation Technologies and Renewable Energy. Articles presented at the conference will be published in Energy Procedia which is included in Web of Science and Scopus list. This year it was held for the 9th time in Cardiff, UK.

PhD students of Energy Systems CREI gave two oral presentations on the following topics:

 Mikhail Pugach- Numerical and experimental study of the flow-by cell for Vanadium Redox Batteries

Aleksandra Sveshnikova – The Impact of Humidification Temperature on a 1 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack

After the conference, Aleksandra and Mikhail have visited a research center that works on Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, a first tidal power plant in the world. Moreover, SOLCER ‘Energy Positive’ House located in Wales was presented to the conference delegates. This house is made of a modern material with good insulation properties. It supplies power and heat by means of solar cells installed on the roof and heat pump. According to the designers, this house annually produces more energy than in needs.

Overall, the experience during this academic trip was very positive. Hopefully, new contacts and fresh ideas will promote our student’s research work.