Skoltech representatives attended a high-level United Nations Energy Connectivity meeting

Alexey Ponomarev, Vice-President for Industrial Relations and Public Programs, and Professor Janusz Bialek, Director of Center for Energy Systems (CES), were invited to attend 2017 Policy Dialogue on Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific meeting organized by UN ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific) in Bangkok on 16 January 2017 and chaired by Under-Secretary General of United Nations, Ms. Shamshad Akhtar. The Policy Dialogue is reviewing trends in energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, and regional cooperation on sustainable energy, which is the theme for the 73rd session of the Commission in May 2017.

Professor Bialek, Under-Secretary General of UN Ms. A. Akhtar and A. Ponomarev.

Mr. Ponomarev gave a presentation (you can watch it here, starting at 33min.) showing successful CES research on developing Asia Energy Ring. The Ring will improve regional collaboration on sustainable energy and help in better utilization of renewable energy. Talks were also held to link Skoltech’s Energy Portal to UN ESCAP’s Portal. This will help to bring international exposure and recognition to Skoltech’s Asia Energy Ring project.

A. Ponomarev delivering his presentation at the session.