Skoltech PhD student became a grantee of CRDF Global program

Aleksamdra Sveshnikova, a PhD student of Enery Systems CREI became a grantee for the 2016 Russia Academic Network Building, Education and Exposure Program (NBEE) organized by CDRF Global. This program aims to provide Russian PhD students travel to the U.S. or Europe for 10-14 days to participate in short-term, planned and scientific academic network building activities. During this visit, selceted grantee will present latest research results to a broad audience, enrich scientific knowledge by attending conferences and encounter opportunities to estublish new contacts in specified field. Through building relationships between Russian and U.S. scientists, this program hopes to lay the groundwork for potential future scientific collaboration.


Aleksandra plannes her visit during 14-26 of February and will attend Next Generation Energy Storage 2017 Conference which is scheduled to take place in San Francisco, California.