Presentation of our new DXRxi Imaging Raman Microscope

A presentation of new DXRxi Imaging Raman Microscope took place on October, 13th-15th at Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage. This is the first device of this model in Russia and it enables to perform fast non-distructive analysis of the samples of different nature without any sample preparation. Moreover, the samples in liquids or transparent packeges may be analyzed using this method.

During the lecture part of the presentation, Director of CEE CREI Prof. Keith Stevenson gave a talk about the scientific applications of high-resolution Raman spectroscopy for investigation of the materials and devices for energy storage. During the practical training the scientists of CEE CREI as well as our guests and partners got an opportunity to perform first measurements at the device and thereby to test its unique capabilities.

Please, find the detailed report on the event as well as some photos here (in Russian).