Sergey Matveev joined CEE CREI

New junior research scientist Sergey Matveev joined research group of Prof. Andriy Zhugayevych at CEE CREI.

Sergey received his Specialist’s degree in Mathematics and System Programming from Lomonosov Moscow State University. As a research student he worked in Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS on elaboration and analysis of new fast numerical methods solving multidimensional Smoluchowski coagulation equation under guidance of prof. Eugene Tyrtyshnikov. In addition, he participated in elaboration of novel semiclassical Monte-Carlo methods modelling the non-adiabatic molecular dynamics at Los Alamos National Laboratory under guidance of Dmitry Mozyrsky in 2014 and 2015. Currently, Sergey is a junior research scientist at CEE working on elaboration of efficient computational tools for the molecular modelling.