We would like to invite you Energy Systems Scientific Seminar #6, that will be held at 14.00 in HyperClassroom 305

Title: “Local heat energy storage” Speaker: Alexander Lavrikov Abstract. Local Thermal energy storage is achieved with greatly differing technologies that collectively accommodate a wide range of needs. It allows excess thermal energy to be collected for later use, hours, days or many months later, at individual building. Sources of thermal energy for storage include heat or cold produced with heat pumps from off-peak, lower cost electric power, a practice called peak shaving; heat from combined heat and power (CHP) power plants; heat produced by renewable electrical energy that exceeds grid demand and waste heat from different process. Title: “Microgrid combined heat and power generation for the sector of individual housing” Speaker: Dmitry Smirnov Abstract. Electricity and heat supply for a growing Russian residential sector is likely to be halted due to low reliability, difficult access, insufficient power and transition capacity in regions of residential sector growth. According the Federal Government of RF, around 70% of the grid equipment (world average – 35%) is deteriorated and 28% of citizens are regularly experiencing power outages. According to the study of the World Bank in 2012 in the global rating of 183 countries for the cost to get electricity Russia is at 140th place, for the number of procedures to get electricity connection – 182th place, for the days to get electricity – 178th place. According to the Russian Federation Council from March, 2015, the current volume of applications to connect to the Russian central grid is equal to 150 GW whereas total installed capacity in the country is 157 GW and is not sufficient to satisfy the demand. The Ministry of Construction reports that in the next five years an annual construction of residential housing is likely to grow by the factor 1.5. To satisfy the growing need for electricity and heat in residential housing a different approach for power and heat generation have to be considered. Microgrid combined heat and power generation based on the concept Internet of Energy (EnergyNet/ElectriNet) is a potential solution to the problem.