Third Scientific Seminar

March 11 in the Center for Energy Systems of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology the Third Scientific Seminar was held. That day there were two speakers: Dmitry Pebalk with the report titled “Skoltech Innovation Program as a Tool to Make Impact with Your Ideas” and Anna Sharova “Electricity Sector in Arab Countries: from Monopoly to Competition and New Opportunities for Russian Power Companies”. Skoltech Innovation Program (SIP) is designed to bridge the gap between science and business industry and to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Russia. SIP is developed in collaboration with the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Program provides critical support and funding to reserch groups in order to advance their technology toward commercialization, including IP analysis, basic marketing, customer interaction, R&D project management. The projects are selected in four main areas: IT, Energy, Biomedicine, Space, and Peaceful Nuclear Technologies. The procedure of application is easy and clear. For more details you can visit: In her speech Anna Sharova concentrated her attention on the modern development of electricity sectors in Arab countries of Asia. She led main facts and figures of electricity sector development in generation; transmission and supply; consumption of electricity. She addressed the issue of electricity tariffs in Arab contries that are among the lowest in the world. Then she explained the existing models of electricity markets and the situation in the region and told about the investments in generating capacities and the main projects completed in 2000-2013. In the new conditions the role of Russian energy companies could be increased and Anna outlined the main directions for deepening cooperation.